SCOUTS OUT Affiliates Program

Earn money for your unit, charity, business, organization or even yourself. Take the headache out of collecting money, paying out of pocket for bulk orders and waiting to be reimbursed and maintaining your own inventory. Sign-up to get your own affiliates link and start earning.

Login anytime and view orders, earnings and payouts.

Join SCOUTS OUT Affiliates to raise and earn money from your custom designed products.

How: A personalized link is attached directly to your account. When you share your link with your customers any sales from that session will generate earnings.

We offer: 5% earnings on all items sold to all SCOUTS OUT Affiliates, and offer termed affiliate agreements.

Termed agreements: Time based automatic discount codes that reduce the price from instore retail to maximize your sales, and earnings while your customers get a great deal.

How it all works: "The meat-n-taters"

It starts with a design. This will get you digital proofs, product mockups and a storefront for your products retail sales. Take it, market it, it's yours. Generate some buzz.


What did I just pay for? The price your looking at is our wholesale estimate based on your product and add-ons you choose. That also starts the wiggle room for fundraising goals. Plus you get some BAMF digital proofs and mockups of your designs in action. Share, post, market.

How much money can I raise per product? That’s based on your financial goals. We can help recommend based on; market trends, designs, audience marketability. Either way the customer wins and gets a high quality product.

When will my customers get their orders? If it's already produced we usually ship same day.

For new items it’s a phased process that we have already started.

Phase 1: The Design Phase (4 hr.-1 week). When you order a design, our artists make every effort to produce proofs or approval as fast as humanly possible based on your request. It can take some time based on many factors including provided artwork, design complexities, and schedules. This phase ends with approved proofs and product mockups sent to you.

Phase 2: The Decision Phase.(20 min. – 1 week) We talk about your fundraising goals, and ordering timeframes. This phase can take a little bit of time based on your preferred communication methods. This phase ends with a wholesale and earnings agreement. This phase ends when we publish your products for pre-order purchase.

Phase 3: The Ordering Phase (7-14 days) Published products and termed discounts from our agreement are active and available for order until the term expires. Current successful terms vary from 7-14 days. After that product pricing goes to back to retail. During this time, we prioritize your printing run, order blanks, and order supplies. This phase ends with the completion of ordering window.

Phase 4: The Production Phase.(average 7-10 days) We print the orders, package, and ship them according to each customers specification. This time window is dependent on the number and type of designs and quantities ordered. This phase is complete with the product being shipped based on the customers specifications.
It is important that your customers are aware that orders could take up to 30 days to be fulfilled based on when they ordered in the window.