About Us

SCOUTS OUT™ is an Active Military Veteran owned custom apparel and merchandise family. Servicing patrons who are serving, served, or support the US Military community and enjoy all the shit talk with it.

We served our careers as an enlisted: Cav Scout, #CAVSCOUTSTUFF As Warrant Officers: Kiowa Warrior Pilots #AIRCAVSTUFF, Apache Gun Pilots #MOREAIRCAVSTUFF. We actually worked on the lines and stood in rectangles. We continue to comeback hungry for more because of a job that has a pure adrenaline and heart stopping #puckerfactor that makes the world spin.

Now allow us to serve you. We understand the inefficiencies of the military life. And we mean everything, including such things as; no time, money, personal space, and no time with the family. Allow us to take some of the burden off your shoulders and make the stuff your soldiers, friends, and family want. Because, it’s the brothers, sisters, family and friends coupled with the constant shit talk that make this bearable.

So what better way than the use of custom designed shirts and SWAG to poke the bear at companies that seem to have idolized a MEDEVAC mission that has saved countless lives, but nobody ever really wants to be on, EVER!

 …and maybe a few Grunts here and there.