Design a Patch

Starting at Sale price Price $4.99 Regular price Unit price  per 

    BULK Sales (You Sell): 

    Submit the design and well get you a Mock-up Proof as fast as humanly possible.  Then just let us know how many you want and where you would like them sent and we send you invoice.

    RETAIL Sales (The EASY WAY):

    Need to raise money? Create some sweet threads to show off. We can take the head ache out of collecting money, or paying out of pocket for a bulk order waiting to be reimbursed. 

      Here's how: We will fine tune and tweak until we are both happy with your design idea. We'll create a storefront, and post your future design. Then we'll shake hands on a wholesale price, and decide how much you want to markup. This is how much the unit earns per item. 

      The Math:  We wholesale you $10/patch. You mark them up $4. Making the total price $14+tax/shipping. You sell 250 shirts. 

      The Results: $4x250, and we send your unit a rebate for $1,000 

      Think of a good time block for ordering with the discount code. This reduces the cost from retail to our agreed price. (1st-15th or 15th-1st) After that, the discount code will expire.

      During the order window time, go nuts! Any one can order, friends, family, someone you just met on the street.

      We will serve your site, process the order, ship, drop-off or deliver on a individual customer level.

      We offer Local Pick-up at no cost or Delivery for a flat fee within the Ft. Drum, NY area.

      The Details: During the ordering window we are consolidating orders and prioritizing your design for production run as the window closes and the discount code expires.

      We average about 10-14 days for a production run depending on the quantity and amount of patches. Then we post them as available for sale.

      Your customers get notified their orders are fulfilled, complete, and shipped. Mission Complete!

        FRAGO: But, what about raising money? Isn't this why your doing this? We will send you a REBATE via check/money at the end of the ordering window. 
        *Rebates more than $600 require us to issue a W-9

        Have a question?  the only dumb one is the one not asked. Call, message, FM(SCPT), Smoke signals. Its all located in the Contact Us Section.